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Webticle Logo
Hannda Co., Ltd. provides enterprise solutions and DB applications for businesses.

Our company has the expertise on DB integrations, marketing solutions and SI based on the past 15 years of experience in execution of SI projects.

Our business concept is "Let's provide small businesses with DB-based DIY system".

DB-based solutions are mostly expensive (worth tens of thousands U$ or more) and require separate DB designs and S/W developments. This is too expensive condition that small businesses will not bear.

We promote "ICT Computing Innovation" to small businesses through Webticle. We would like to become helpers in their business by providing DB-based computing services to small businesses that do not have computerized service.
July 2014 Hannda Co., Ltd. was founded in Seoul
Nov. 2014 Awarded a Bronze Medal in the Start-up Competition hosted by the Korean Technology Finance Corporation (Hannda Migrator)
July 2015 "Hannda Migrator" was released
Nov. 2015 Patent registered in Korea : 10-1573674
Nov. 2015 International Service Mark registered in Japan (Madrid Protocol)
Dec. 2015 A subsidiary was open in Delaware, US (Hannda System LLC)
Mar. 2016 Close beta service of "Webticle" was open on on-line
Nov. 2016 Webticle Backup for kintone.com will be released
Nov. 2016 Attended Cybozu Days 2016 in Tokyo, Japan